#CopernicusCupOfRecords - quotation

Pamela Dutkiewicz, 1st 60m hurdles W: I will not start in Birmingham, because me and my coach decided that we will focus on European Championships in Berlin, my hometown. Of course I enjoy staying in Torun. My parents are from Poland. I love polish language, I understand everything but my polish is very bad. It is nice to be here. It is like home.
Pavel Maslak, 2nd 400m M: Luka Janezic was for me too fast. This year runners are very fast, competition in Birmingham will be very difficult. First I have to achieve the finals, it will be now my goal.

Nicholas Kipkoech, 2nd place 800m m: I want to win in Birmingham. I want to win. I have good memories from Torun, I was here last year and really enjoy staying here.

Jakub Holusa, 3rd place 1500m: My shape is growing up. I have got a training plan with my new coach Tomasz Lewandowski, but I need time to improve my results. This year in Birmingham my goal is to achieve final round.


Michał Dondajewski